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The company has cultivated strategic relationships within the government and raised L. Blued and its related services operate under the aegis of Blue City, which is also the name of its two-story headquarters in central Beijing. Employees have enjoyed classic start-up benefits like free lunch and company beach retreats, some with a queer twist, like a drag performance at the Lunar New Year; company swag has included plush toys of a unicorn with a rainbow horn.

Danlan was the bare-bones, browser-based website that Geng created nearly two decades ago. In his darker moments, he would sit by the beach and look out into the waves to calm himself down. He broke down in tears while reading it because he realized he was not alone. Like the sea — faraway, yet full of possibility — Danlan would be a sanctuary for gay men to express their hopes and fears. Historically, Chinese society has neither recognized nor shunned its queer communities. Chinese religious traditions like Buddhism and Confucianism do not overtly condemn homosexuality, which means that cultural attitudes are more malleable there than in other Asian countries like Indonesia or the Philippines.

Nor was homosexuality considered by authorities to be a decadent Western import; on the contrary, it is widespread and recognized in Chinese history and culture. Still, homosexuality was formally considered a mental illness until But in recent years, the government has neither expressed explicit support for the L. But longstanding Confucian traditions and values — an emphasis on having a respectable marriage, giving birth to sons, saving face and filial piety — remain deeply embedded in the fabric of Chinese society.

This dynamic also means that family is the place where rejection and discrimination occur most frequently, particularly among the older generation. The internet has facilitated these arrangements, with websites like ChinaGayLes. By , the number of internet users in China had grown a hundredfold since Geng founded Danlan.

To meet rapidly growing demand, he recruited five other team members, running the website out of a rented apartment and working through the night. Eventually, he expanded to Beijing, keeping up this double life — shuttling between roles as straight Qinhuangdao cop, happily married and respected by his colleagues, and gay Beijing entrepreneur — until Geng agreed, assuming the video would have a relatively small audience. Shortly after its release, Geng received a call from his police bureau, demanding he return to his post. His bosses gave him an ultimatum: Shut down the website or quit his job and leave.

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He handed in his resignation that day, along with the uniform that he had worn since he was He was disgraced — spurned by his colleagues, disapproved of by his parents — and his marriage dissolved. But he had finally come out. Private enterprises in China must navigate government officialdom without being directly confrontational, operating by a set of rules that are as opaque as they are capriciously applied.

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I have had exact same story except calling himself James Malone. Do not send money. Block him. I'm talking to an architect named James. Lives in AZ. In Cyprus to build a Hospital. Says he's German. Has a daughter. Told me the same, have been talking with him for 6 weeks. LOL Did he tell his ex-wife took him for a bunch of money as well??

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I told him there was a site about him this morning, and he said and you believe that about me? Has one daughter. Sounds similar to my guy. Donald Mark. The YouTube songs asking if I have eaten.

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Tells me how much he loves me wants to be a family with me and his 12 yr. Very handsome we talked on phone. I saw him on video it was the same person in the pictures. Of course I said no. Hello is anyone been talking to someone named Gabriel Linds?

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Claims to working on oil rig. Has pictures. I think it's the same guy told me very similar story.

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My guy's name is Jefferey Forsberg. He claimed to be a Swedish Architect from Sweden stuck in Turkey because he couldn't pay fines. Total scammer. If you have the same story you can e-mail me at nattycatt gmail. This is a total scam my guys name was Jefferey Forsberg! Ask yourself if these guys are rich and successful why are they asking money from you! Sound like the same guy that was trying to scam me by the name Albert Matthew he was in turkey cypress and need money to pay for a rental car He was a engineer He had a son who was 14 years of age wife passed on from cancer..

He was building a hotel in Cypress. He was to be from Winnipeg Manitoba. But i caught on to the scam and told him up i cant and i will not help him out atall But ya if you want pictures of this guy i got 2 i can share. James, the architect in Cyprus is currently talking to me. Fortunately, I was on to him from the beginning thanks to sites like these. I should probably block him. I am just too fascinated by it all.

All the red flags are there. Anyway, I sure wish there was a way to catch this guy.

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Do you have photo's? My name is Natalie my e-mail is nattcatt gmail. Similar story his name is Jeff Forsberg from Sweden claims he is an Architect he needed money to finish project in Turkey or they were going to throw him jail.

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I told him if he was really rich all he had to do was sell his assets to get the money. Total scammer met him on Plenty of Fish.

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Same story Architect from Sweden Jefferey Forsberg came on strong. Contract in Turkey could not access funds Luckily I am connected and told him I could get him a bridge loan. His lawyer never called me back. Had another lawyer who he claimed was representing him email from Turkey. He said if I didn't email him money he was going to jail for not paying fines.

I basically told him if he was really wealthy he could have sold his assets in Scottsdale where he claimed to live! Ask yourself if these if these guys are so rich why are they asking you for money? I met him on Plenty of Fish.

Beware he is a total scammer! I met this 58 yr old on ok Cupid in Sept. He had to go to turkey on a contract for a water treatment project. He says he us and Oceanographer from Poland. Lived in California, now lives in Portland Maine. He goes by name of Jack Adsmczyk. Bald really handsome guy with a nice accent. Will not send him the money he is still hanging in there talking with me. It sounds like the same man im currently talking to is there any kind of way you can send pictures to me please.

How do we send pics to each other? This is insane.